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Sell your service as a product

Are you selling a service where the sales process is eating up a lot of your time?Then you've come to the right place.

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  • Let orders come in by themselves

    By letting the customer do the job of quoting themselves, you can let your orders come in automatically.

  • Keep track of your orders

    Smidyo also works as a simple ERP system, letting you easily keep track of your orders.

  • Get paid immediately

    We also integrate with Stripe for you to be able to sell your services through a web-shop. Perfect for those small orders that usually are not worth taking on.

  • "Drop-ship" services COMING SOON

    If your sub-contractor is also on Smidyo, you will be able to automatically place orders from them when your end-customer orders from you. It's a real time saver! 


Sounds good - how do I get started?


Our partners will set it up for you.

We have implementation partners who specialise in different niches.

Or just let us know what you need!

If there's no Smidyo partner for your niche, we'll do our best to help you out directly.

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I'm a developer - how's this work?


Try it out!

You can craft a Smidyo solution with your own bare hands. We're always available if you've got technical questions!

Passive income, here you come.

Made a great niche solution? Sell it to businesses who need it and get paid every month.


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Our partners may charge additional fees for specific features,but you will always know up-front.



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