Release v2.5: Account groups

Release v2.5: Account groups

It's been just over two weeks since the last release, so it's time for a new one!

Account groups

Using account groups, you will be able to only show certain offerings to certain groups of accounts. This is useful if you have offerings that are specifically made for a small group of repeat customers.

You can new find a new item in the menu - Account groups. Let's check it out!

You can create an account group by giving it a title and a unique slug. Then you simply select which accounts should be in the account group. (to get rid of an account, just click it!) 

Let's apply it to an offering.

In the offering editor, you set access levels by clicking on the Access button. This brings up a selection of:

  1. Internal. This will only show the offering to admins and employees.
  2. All accounts. Shows the offering to all accounts.
  3. Account groups. By selecting this, you can specify exactly which accounts should see this particular offering.

As usual, we always available if you have questions regarding this new feature!