Formerly Vector Express

Laser Workshop Automation

Spend more time at the laser cutter, and less at the computer.

Automatic price calculation

Why not let your customers calculate quotes for themselves?

We'll help you automate using the Smidyo platform. Smidyo allows you to create a portal that can be accessed by your customers, or even publicly. It's like having a manufacturing web-shop!

    Laser cutting & engraving
    CNC routing
    3D printing


Customer view

Preview of drawingImmediate priceInstant ordering

Your view

Easy order managementGet paid up-frontDownload production-ready files

On-demand vector generation

Now that you've got automatic pricing, doesn't it feel a bit tedious to have to make the drawings?

Luckily we can help you out with that as well. We can take the customer's data and transform it into any sort of drawing you may need.

    Sign shops
    Industrial marking
    Customisable, bespoke products
    Print shops


Try out the Laser Price Calculator

Check out this free version of our price estimator if you want to get a feel for how it works.

Customer Story

CNC Design implemented Smidyo to automate their customers ordering process and manufacturing process.

We can accept orders in two ways. Some are entered into Smidyo manually using the built-in automated calculation tools, and some orders are placed directly by our customer through the Smidyo ordering portal.

We know your pains!


The co-founders of Smidyo was created out of the needs that arose after running a laser cutting shop for 7 years.
Feel free to call Frank or Patrik any time to discuss how Smidyo's automation can speed up your laser workshop.


We offer a fixed price plan for basiclaser cutting, and a custom solution plan for everything else.

Free Trial

You can try out the platform for free one month without having to enter any payment details


    Custom domain + 9,90 €/ month
    Credit card checkout+ 9,90 €/ month

Laser, basic

29,90 €

per month

Laser cuttingLaser engraving & scoringOrder managementManual quote negotiation

Custom solution


FROM 39,90€

per month

We automate to your needs
2D manufacturing
Order management
Manual quote negotiation

Free Personal Demo and 30-day Trial

Ready to get started? Book a meeting with us and we'll set up Smidyo according to your needs.