Quoting Portal

Automate your laser cutting business

Spend more time at the laser cutter, and less at the computer.

  • Spend more time at the laser cutter, and less at the computer.
  • Offer Immediate Quotes
  • Get Paid Up-front
  • Easy Order Management

Create a Laser-Cutting Web-shop

Create a portal that can be accessed by your customers, or even publicly. This allows you to take on smaller orders that otherwise wouldn't be worth it, increase your sales, and take your business fully online.

  • Full support for DXF, DWG, SVG, EPS, PDF, and AI files.
  • Cuttingscoring and engraving operations selected based on the customer's vector colors in the drawing.
  • Sell material based on full sheets, or based on the part's material usage.

A Powerful Internal Pricing Tool

In addition to acting like a web-shop, you can also be used as a internal pricing tool for your team.

  • Insert customers manually that arrive over phone or email
  • Keep your customers up-to-date on the latest status of your orders with automatic emails
  • Manually negotiate complex quotes with our Manual Quote feature
  • Generate professional PDF quotes with your own custom templates


Accept Credit Card & Invoice Payments

Accept multiple payment options to offer your customer a wide choice.

  • Accept Stripe credit card payments to get paid up-front
  • Let trusted customers pay through an invoice

Bring All Your Orders to One Place

Bring all of your incoming orders to one consolidated place - your order dashboard.


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