Setting up Smidyo for laser cutting & -engraving

Creating a Sales Domain

  • Go to the registration page.
  • Enter all your details and click Register
  • Go to your inbox and wait until the verification email arrives (can take a few minutes), then follow the link to activate your account. Also check your spam folder.
  • Go to Companies > New Company.

    • Enter your company’s name and a unique slug (can be your company name lowercased). Click Submit.
    • Click on your newly created company.
    • Next to Billing address click the pen icon to enter your billing information.
    • Next to Billing source click the pin icon to enter your payment source.
    • If you are a EU based company, click the pen icon next to VAT number, in order to set and verify it.
  • Go to Sales Domains > New Sales Domain.

    • Enter in the name of your sales domain. Can be the same as your company or not. Also a unique slug. The address to your sales domain will be Click Next.
    • Please confirm your order by clicking Pay & Create.
    • Click on your newly created Sales Domain in the list.
    • Please log in again with the same credentials you registered with.

Setting up the Sales Domain for laser cutting & -engraving price calculation

  • By clicking on the Dashboard button at the top, you will be taken to the Sales Domain’s dashboard.
  • Go to Wizards > Laser Cutting.

    • Insert your price information and click Create. This can take a minute or so.
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