Build automated sales & pricing portals,with minimal overhead.

We are working on the next generation of pricing and sales process automation. Building upon our learnings from the Smidyo platform, we are now making it available for enterprises, developers and agencies.


Pricing automation

Build fully automated price pipelines, using either our visual pipeline editor or using you own code snippets. Smidyo even allows you to process complex data such as vector drawings, pictures, and more.


Order management

Smidyo has fully featured order management, even with checkout features. You can also customize the order view to best suit the industry your are targeting.


Full customization & API

If you wish, you can even throw out the supplied front-end, and build your own. Since the GraphQL API is open, there are no limits to what you can build!

No-code, or code on! ūü§ė

Visual editor

For simple pricing pipelines you can use the visual editor. Smidyo comes with built-in steps, and even more from the Step Store.

An process step that does SVG measurements
exports.handler = async ({ payload, tempPayloadletFilesDomain }) => {
  if (!Array.isArray(payload['svgs']) || !Array.isArray(payload['measurement-type'])) {
    throw new Error('Invalid payload');

  const svgFiles = payload['svgs'];
  const [measurementType] = payload['measurement-type'];

  const measurements = await Promise.all( svgPayloadlet => {
      if (!svgPayloadlet) return null;

      // @ts-ignore
      const svgFile = await fetch(
        'https://' + tempPayloadletFilesDomain + '/' + svgPayloadlet.svg
      const svgData = await svgFile.text();

      const svgObject = await new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
        new Parser().parseString(svgData, (err, data) => {
          if (err) reject(err);

      const iterate = node => {
        return flatMapDeep(Object.entries(node), ([key, currentNode]) => {
          if (typeof currentNode === 'object' && key !== '$') return iterate(currentNode);
          if (key === '$' && currentNode['d']) {
            return currentNode['d'];

      // get all path datas from the svg
      const allSVGPaths = iterate(svgObject).filter(p => p !== undefined);

      switch (measurementType) {
        case 'length': {
          const pathLength = allSVGPaths.reduce((acc, p) => {
            const properties = pathProperties.svgPathProperties(p);
            return acc + properties.getTotalLength();
          }, 0);
          return pathLength;
        case 'height': {
          const [, top, , bottom] = svgBounds(allSVGPaths.join(' '));
          const height = Math.abs(top - bottom);
          return height;
        case 'width': {
          const [left, , right] = svgBounds(allSVGPaths.join(' '));
          const width = Math.abs(left - right);
          return width;
        case 'square-area': {
          const [left, top, right, bottom] = svgBounds(allSVGPaths.join(' '));
          const squareArea = Math.abs(left - right) * Math.abs(top - bottom);
          return squareArea;

  return {
    result: {

Custom code

For more complex applications, you can extend the sales domain with custom code for calculations and frontend elements.



    Built-in steps
    Step store

Shared server *

Pricing TBA.


    All features of One-off plan
    Custom code blocks and front-ends

Dedicated server

Pricing TBA.


    All features of Agency plan
    Full enterprise support

Dedicated server

Pricing TBA.

* On shared servers, the data and computing power is shared with other Sales Domains.

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If you wish, you can sneak-peek some of the features of the Smidyo framework in the Smidyo platform! You can also check out some of the niche implementations of the Smidyo platform.


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